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Jungle Sequencer

A visual node-based tool designed to help developers interact with their game code in a more intuitive way.

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Welcome to the Jungle!

Watch this video to see Jungle Sequencer in action and learn how it can enhance your development workflow.

Creating and Editing Sequences

Drag and drop nodes from the node explorer into the graph view to form a sequence, and edit node properties using the inspector.

Feature 1

Create Nodes with C#

Create performant custom nodes using C# scripts. Nodes are automatically generated from the scripts you write.

Feature 2

Custom Node Inspectors

Design custom inspectors for your nodes to make them more user-friendly and provide additional functionality.

Feature 3

Editor Sticky Notes

Add sticky notes in your trees to document ideas and provide context.

Feature 4

Editor Gizmos Support

Utilize Unity's gizmos system to provide visual feedback in the editor for your nodes.

Feature 5

Validator & Error Handler

Implement validation logic in your nodes to catch issues before they occur.

Feature 6

Built for the Engine You Love

Supported on Unity versions 2021.3 +

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